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Be Present

by in Uncategorized May 18, 2020

“I wish grace and healing were more abracadabra kind of things. Also, that delicate silver bells would ring to announce grace’s arrival. But no, it’s clog and slog on the floor, in the silence, in the dark” Anne Lamott

“Take heart!  If it feels as if you are lost in a dystopian nightmare where all the old escape routes are blocked, where a dense fog of manufactured fear, confusion and fake news is constellating a collective sense of both hopelessness and helplessness, you have a choice. Either to buy into the belief that this is permanent / fatal and sink into drama and victim consciousness waiting in vain for someone to save you and or to trust your knowledge, experience and faith in ever evolving planetary cycles and stay on your Witness perch.

The fog is going to clear and when it does, you want to be ready to navigate the new terrain, ready to make choices that will take you closer to your purpose, not leave you lying flattened by the side of the road. 

But right now, we are (still) in the thick of it… 

It looks as if, we will slowly begin to grasp the huge shift in our belief systems that relentless outer events and reality checks are forcing us to make. Our old systems are no longer a safety net. We are learning how to live in the chaordial, in free fall, walking the edge between chaos and order.

2020’s epochal events are a meta-mirror you can’t avoid. As Without, so Within. Wherever you go, there you are. And this embodiment process has a way of blowing up your life as you knew it. You cannot spiritually by-pass your physicality since the body is the vector for enlightenment (realization). It is literally the delivery mechanism by which you experience the vastness of who you really are. And, of course, your mind is having a hard time with it. It keeps trying to figure out how to make this transformation smoother, more graceful, less painful.  And that mind truly believes that will happen if it keeps trying to find order in the chaos.

Be kind to yourself, be patient and tender towards your growing edge. The past is withdrawing from us as we disable it. If you’re feeling – as so many of us are – down, depleted, drained, alone or in a void like floating on the Dead Sea, understand that you are not fading, falling or failing but energetically detaching from the ending of many planetary cycles. Instead of focusing on what isn’t working or what might happen, allow yourself as much rest, withdrawal and non-doing as you can as the physical and psychic cleansing builds. Your body is a messenger with feedback about your current operating system. Be present in your body and allow outworn gestalts, debris, illusions, attachments and patterns to dissolve while absorbing the incoming deep space energies at cellular level” ~ Hare in the Moon




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