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Changing With The Seasons

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Ayurveda teaches daily and seasonal compensatory mechanisms to help you maintain health at all times. Should you fall ill, purification of the system is helpful. When you are healthy, a daily routine augments health and rejuvenates. Regardless of the season, keep to your daily routine and adapt your diet and lifestyle to the changing year. When you maintain regular habits throughout the seasons, you are less prone to change-of-season illness. 

When you fail to compensate for changes in the seasons or stages of life, imbalances arise. The junctions between seasons are common times to fall ill. When the seasons change, take a moment to be still, recenter and detoxify. These are natural times to cleanse the bodymind using techniques that suit your constitution. 


After Summer, changeable temperatures and dry falling leaves herald the arrival of Vata Season. With its cold, erratic winds, Autumn and Early Winter is typically a busy period of reorganization and preparation. 
Vata energy is a combination of the elements air and space. Often compared to the wind, Vata nature is erratic and changeable. The wind is quick, cooling and drying, and Vata people often lack moisture and dislike the cold. Space, like the sky, has transparent, dispersing qualities, and this relates to the lightness and mutability of the Vata character. When in balance, Vata individuals are joyful, sensitive, and exhilarated; they are artistic, enthusiastic and imaginative, full to the brim with so many ideas that they have trouble remembering them all. 


-Dryness of Skin, Hair, Lips, Joints

-Dryness internally – Bloating, Constipation, Dehydration

-Weight loss-Cold 

-Poor Circulation, Muscle Spasm, Asthma, Aches and Pains

-Worry, Fear, Anxiety -Disturbed Sleep -Reduced Ability to Focus -Envy-Dissatisfaction 


Compensate for weak digestive fire, feed the body with warmth and moisture, and adopt routines in every part of life. But when it comes to implementing change, do it gradually. Don’t completely overhaul your lifestyle from one day to the next, particularly your diet – food affects the mind more than you might think. Some tips:-Eat Fewer Foods More Often
-Drink plenty of Herbal Teas and Warm Water between meals, not at mealtimes

-Eat Seasonally, especially Cooked Root Vegetables 

-Use Warming Herbs and Spices 

-Warm, Moist Foods

-Regular Self Massage, use Sesame Oil

-Book a Regular Massage as well

-Warm Foot Baths and Steam Baths

-Establish good Sleep Routine -Rest Breaks / Short Nap during the day

-Gentle Exercise and Yoga Practice



-Basil-Black Pepper




























-Sesame & Avocado Oil best, or Jojoba & Castor Oil – as Carrier Oil for the above Essential Oils. Always Quality, Coldpressed. Always use as recommended or instructed. 

Adopt a gentle, steady approach to your practice. Build a grounding and nurturing practice slowly and steadily and increase endurance by holding each posture for some time, with calm, focused concentration, rather than moving in and out of postures too fast. Make time for daily practice – it is better to do fewer postures slowly and with awareness, than to move quickly and automatically through many postures. 
Always start your Practice with Gentle warming-up rounds of Sun Salutations and Enjoy Your Practice! 


-Gentle Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation

-Vrkasana / Tree Pose

-Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

-Eka Pada Pavanamuktasana / Wind Relieving Posture 

-Jamu Sirshasana / Seated Head to Knee Pose

-Supta Balasana / Belly Soothing Pose

-Paschimottanasana / Sealing Pose

-Yogamudrasana / Open Angle Pose

-Savasana / Corpse Pose

*For Excellent Yoga Practice Guidance: Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley. 

This is the time of year to slow down, take time to ponder why you want to be healthy. Is it not so that you can live a full, productive, helpful and vibrant life. And simply put, it feels good to feel good! An Ayurvedic inspired Lifestyle, in sync with the changing seasons of the year and of life, can help you achieve that. 

Namaste and stay warm. 

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