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The Autumn Equinox – Seasonal Revival

by in Health Tips March 22, 2022

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March 20 marks the start of the Autumn Equinox on the astronomical calendar – highlighting the balance of day and night. In the Southern hemisphere we experience the richness of early autumn, while north of the Equator spring is now beginning.

Many spiritual circles use this dynamic change in the planet’s seasons as a great opportunity to experience deep seasonal cleansing to energise and focus the mind and body.

Each and every day our body is exposed to a large number of foreign chemicals. The majority are synthetic chemicals that find their way into our food, air and water. Some are consumed due to lifestyle routines such as taking medicinal drugs or smoking while others are applied in our toiletries, or found in common household items and cleaning products.

Overexposure to toxic substances and an inability to properly metabolise them can negatively impact an individual’s health, producing a wide variety of symptoms such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and allergy or flu-like symptoms.

A cleanse can help with the elimination of toxins and tonify the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and bowel. When these areas of the body are not functioning at their optimum, poor skin, hair, nails, bad breath and lack of energy can result.

Methods of elimination including the use of plants and specific foods, along with techniques such as fasting have been used for centuries to help facilitate better health and encourage greater vitality.

Here are some tips to make the most of early Autumn – a time of change:

–  Schedule a cleanse – reinvigorate the mind and body.

–  Simplify your diet – as the seasons change, so do our taste in food, another indication of the body adapting to the transition. During autumn there is a wide range of nutrient-rich root vegetables and fruit, so make the most of the harvest by following heart warming recipes.

–  Take time to rest – make time for yourself and try meditation and yoga to get the body ready for a healthy and harmonious autumn.