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The Organic Living Story

Helping our community live a healthier lifestyle

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Our Mission

To be a primary destination for the promotion of healthy living.

Serving and supporting our community with our dedication to providing an abundant variety and the best choices in Natural wellness products that will support you and your loved ones to enjoy better living, starting from the inside out.

We take pride in helping our community live a healthier lifestyle.

Staff Areas of Expertise

• Functional Medicine
• Phytotherapy
• Ayurvedic Lifestyle Councelling
• Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
• Naturopathy
• Nutritional Therapy
• Live Blood Analyses
• Expert ‘Conscious Cuisine’ In-House Chef
• Nutritional Supplementation Training
• Multi-Modality Massage Therapy
• Aromatherapy
• Specialized Holistic Skin Care Training
• Yoga * Sports * Fitness * Movement