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Solgar Chelated Magnesium 100 Tabs


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Solgar ® Chelated Magnesium is one of Solgar’s best-selling magnesium products, available in a unique, patented, highly absorbable form. Magnesium is considered by experts to be a vital mineral required by every organ within the body. It can be recommended for everything from promoting restfulness, supporting muscle function, energy from food and so relieving tiredness, as well as aiding towards a balanced mind. 

Solgar ® Chelated Magnesium chelate delivers 100 mg of magnesium in every tablet supporting your optimal wellbeing.

Magnesium contributes to:
• Normal functioning of the nervous system
• Energy release and reduction of tiredness and fatigue
• Normal muscle function
• Maintenance of normal bones
• Normal psychological function


Size: 100 Tablets


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