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Dr H Sens Saltwater Toothpaste 75ml


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Dr. Hauschka MED Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste provides gentle yet thorough cleansing for sensitive teeth. 


The formulation combines mineral saltwater, sea salt and plant extracts with natural cleansing agents to gently remove plaque and protect sensitive teeth. 


Mineral saltwater from the spa town of Bad Dürrenberg and sea salt obtained by natural, traditional extraction stimulates the natural production of saliva, neutralises harmful acids and supports the re-mineralisation of the teeth. 


Mastic, or Arabic gum, is a common ingredient in traditional dentistry that stabilises and cares for the oral cavity. Witch hazel water strengthens the oral mucosa. 


The antimicrobial essential oils of sage, thyme and lemon care for the oral cavity and provide fresh breath. 


Dr. Hauschka MED Saltwater Sensitive Tooth paste strengthens the gums and prevents bleeding. 


The product’s effectiveness is clinically proven. 


This fresh and pleasantly salty toothpaste contains no added fluorides or surfactants. 


Following homeopathic recommendations, it also contains no peppermint or menthol.


•  For teeth sensitive to pain

•  Provides gentle cleaning

•  Prevents bleeding gums

•  Suitable for use with homeopathic treatments




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