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Chinaherb Relaxed Wanderer


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Relaxed Wanderer is made by adding Cortex Moutan and Fructus Gardeniae to the basis of the Merry Life Formula, which nourishes Liver Blood and smooth Qi, Cortex Moutan and Fructus Gardeniae clear the Liver Fire. Therefore, Relaxed Wanderer has the effect of nourishing Liver Blood, smoothing Liver Qi and clearing Liver Fire. The occurrence of Liver Fire is mostly generated by long time Liver Qi Stagnation, so Relaxed Wanderer is widely used for the syndromes of Liver Stagnation, Blood Deficiency and Heat. For example acne, depression, moodiness, hyperactivity syndrome in adolescents and various liver diseases and gynaecological diseases like PMS, irregular and early menstruation, infertility, with the symptoms of irritability, restlessness dry mouth and red tongue.


Size: 60 tablets


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