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Chinaherb Clear Toxic Heat


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Clear Toxic Heat is originated from “Golden Mirror of Medicine” edited by Wu Qian in the Qing Dynasty. Because this formulation is composed of five herbs, which has the effect of eliminating carbuncle and detoxification, it is named “Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin“. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to boils, erysipelas or acute febrile disease as “Toxic Heat” or “Toxic Fire“. The efficacy of this formulation is to clear away Heat and detoxification, dissipating boils and abscesses, and it is used to treat Toxic Fire Syndrome. “Golden Mirror of Medicine” records that the formulation is used for the initial onset of boils, fever and chills, sores shaped like millet, hard, deep roots and redness, like iron nails, and ulcers, red tongue and yellow coating.

In the modern clinic it is often used to treat acute mastitis, cellulitis and other surgical emergency awareness infections, red swollen and sore throat with pus, acute urinary tract infections, and other infectious tract diseases with Heat Syndrome.


Size: 60 tablets


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