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Chinaherb Relieve Internal Wind


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Relieve Interior Wind is from “Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine” written by Zhang Xichun in 1924. The formula has the effects of quenching the Liver Wind, nourishing Yin and calming down Yang. It is for the treatment of so-called syndromes of “Excessive Yang and Fire punch upward”, or “excessive Liver Yang of upper part of the body, and Deficiency Kidney Yin of lower part of the body”. The syndromes are characterized by dizziness & vertigo, tinnitus, feeling hot or pain in the brain, restlessness, drunken complexion; or the limbs become gradually numb and weak, or the mouth gradually becomes skewed, and even dizziness and tumbling, stroke syncope, hemiplegia. It refers to the modern disease names “hypertension” and “cerebrovascular accident” (cerebral thrombosis, cerebral overflow).


Relieve Interior Wind is a common choice for the treatment of hypertension, chronic headache and migraine and can also be used for preventing stroke or be used during or after a stroke.


Not suitable for low blood pressure.


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