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Chinaherb Tonic Defense Qi


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Tonic Defensive Qi was created by Wei Yilin, a Chinese physician in the Yuan Dynasty, and is a classic formula for strengthening Qi and solidifying the resistance. Strengthening Qi refers to nourish Qi of the Lungs and Spleen. The Defensive Qi (resistance) is controlled by the Lungs. Lung Qi is produced by the Spleen, with a strong Qi of the Spleen, the Qi of Lungs are exuberant. The strong Qi of Lungs and Spleen make the body’s resistance strong and external Evils are inviolable.


Modern medicine believes that Tonic Defensive Qi has the effects of immune enhancement, anti-fatigue and anti-allergy, and it is suitable for diseases characterized by fatigue, spontaneous sweat and aversion to Wind. Moreover, it can prevent colds, and it is especially suitable for patients with frail physical weakness, low immunity and prone to sweat and catch colds easily.


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