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Natural Living Collagen Powder 250g


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Our Pure Grass-fed Collagen Powder is made from the hides of cattle raised in pastures in Spain. It is an excellent source of both type 1 & 3 collagen. This powerful, pure bovine powder has a wide variety of benefits including the support of cell renewal, skin rejuvenation, natural joint & cartilage support, healthy growth of hair, skin & nails & it’s believed to have anti-ageing properties. As part of a balanced diet, a high-quality collagen supplement can help you recover faster from exercise & improve digestive health.


It contains no dairy, gluten, sugar, additives or heavy metals and is free of antibiotics and hormones. Unflavoured and easy to dissolve in both hot and cold drinks, our pure collagen powder can be added to any smoothie, beverage, soup, sauce, real food meal or baking product without adjusting the taste.




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