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Other Option Omega Up 60 caps


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High Doses of EPA Treat Depression Naturally. Read more About OMEGA-UP™

Clinical studies show that EPA is effective against depression when taken in high doses, specifically in a ratio of at least 6 times more EPA than DHA. OMEGA-UP™ boasts a 7:1 EPA:DHA ratio, offering the ultimate formula for feeling up!


Clinical Studies Using High Doses of EPA for Depression Show:

7:1 EPA:DHA ratio is effective against depression

High doses of EPA – not DHA – reduce depression

EPA has been shown to be equally as effective as antidepressants

A combination of EPA + antidepressant doubles the therapeutic effect


OMEGA-UP™ is a Triple Strength Omega-3 EPA

It contains three times more EPA than ordinary fish oil / fish oil capsules

It is 90% omega-3 vs ordinary fish oils that contain only 30%

Each capsule is 100% pure fish oil softgel capsule


Each 1000mg Capsule Contains:

Omega-3 EPA – 700mg

Omega-3 DHA – 80mg

Omega-3 (other) – 120mg

Omega-6, 9 and other – 100mg

It has a superior 7:1 EPA:DHA ratio


Further Studies Using EPA Show Positive Results For:

  • behavioural and cognitive health
  • heart and vascular health
  • inflammation
  • joint health


Inflammation And Depression Are Linked

  • Inflammation is a major contributor to a number of health problems including depression.
  • OMEGA-UP™ contains high concentrations of EPA (a 20-carbon essential fatty acid building block), which is a vital component of anti-inflammatory hormones in the body called eicosanoids.
  • Eicosanoids or “master hormones” are produced by every cell in the body and control everything from the immune system to the brain, heart and reproductive system. There are two kinds of eicosanoids, those that promote inflammation and those that stop inflammation. EPA is a 20-carbon essential fatty acid building block of anti-inflammatory eicosanoids or good eicosanoids that reduce inflammation.
  • EPA helps the body synthesise eicosanoid hormones which help to reduce inflammation, and therefore offer a natural solution for fighting depression.


More Reasons To Opt For OMEGA-UP™

  • sourced from anchovies and sardines which are low in toxins and heavy metals
  • molecularly distilled to further remove heavy metals and toxins
  • sustainable source, from the deep clean waters of the South Pacific
  • no fishy after taste


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